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Subscriber Resources

How To Use Your Subscriber Benefits

Learn how to use the many resources available to Foreign Affairs subscribers below.

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Subscribers have access to issues, special collections, daily new articles, audio, podcasts, and event videos in the Foreign Affairs iOS and Android app.

Customizable settings allow readers to resize text, save your favorites, read in night mode, create playlists, and more.

Download the app from the iTunes store or the Google Play store, and sign in using the same email and password as on

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Listen to the Experts

Foreign Affairs invites you to listen in as our editors talk to influential thinkers and policymakers about the forces shaping the world in our biweekly podcast, The Foreign Affairs Interview . Listen to the Podcast here.

Foreign Affairs subscribers can also listen to audio of articles and issues in the app and on

Just select the Play or Download Audio icon at the top of each article, and listen to Foreign Affairs read to you. From the app, go to your queue to create playlists and adjust playback speed.

Click here for a list of our articles with audio.

Read on Your E-reader

Subscribers can read articles and issues on tablets, mobile devices, or favorite e-readers.

Please download the app for iOS or Android phones and tablets.

To download and transfer Foreign Affairs full issue files to an e-reader device, click here for Nook instructions.

And click here for Kindle instructions.

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Explore Online Reading Tools

Read in dark mode, highlight text (just click and drag!) and save your notes for later with the pencil icon on

You can also save your favorite articles to your account with the bookmark icon found at the top of each article. Log in using your email and password and click ACCOUNT in the upper right corner, then SAVED to see your bookmarks list.

Or, use the icons found at the top of article pages to share paywall-free articles with friends, students, and fellow readers — up to 10 free articles per month!

Download PDFs

Subscribers have access to download PDFs of Foreign Affairs issues and articles from PDFs can be shared, printed, or saved on personal devices, and never expire.

To access PDFs, log in to and click the PDF Download Article button, found at the top of each article.

To download and read PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader is available for free download here.

Print-only subscribers will need to upgrade to use our full range of digital benefits.

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